Music is literally in Alex Faith’s blood. The Atlanta rapper and producer’s grandfather Marion actually earned a spot in the Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame, while Alex’s parents encouraged him to pick up music at an early age.

Word quickly spread about his talents behind the board, and he ended up recording and mixing for Grammy award winning artists before the age of 18. His tastes continued to evolve concurrently. He started off listening to the likes of James Taylor and Amos Lee, eventually immersing himself in iconic Atlanta hip-hop including T.I., OutKast, Ludacris, and Jeezy.

However, as he started creating his own music, he pursued a sound that would incorporate all of the elements that spoke to him

“It’s about using my voice to show the seriousness in what I’m saying. I’m never lying to anybody. This is who I am on tape. It’s honest, and it comes from a completely authentic place.”


That authenticity defines everything that he does. Growing up in a tumultuous home, which saw his parents’ divorce and eventually remarry years down the road, he was no stranger to the darker side of life and Atlanta.

In 2013, Faith was part of a group in which their album debuted at #81 on the Billboard top 200, which was quickly followed up by his first solo album ATLast, which charted at #16 on Billboard’s Rap charts. Afterward, in 2015, he released Southern Lights, with then label-mate Dre Murray, which charted at #22 on the Billboard Rap charts. His Most recent EP, Intruder, has accumulated several million streams across Apple Music and Spotify.

After being signed to a record label for the first 5 years of his career, Alex is now fully independent. Living in Houston, Faith is a part of Killem Collective – an independent artists collective including painters, dancers, DJs, producers and other artists. Starting Skylane Creative as a channel to release music, Faith has also worked to put together an impressive roster of new rappers and singers.